Welcome to SleepPhones NZ.  Our aim is to offer you a product that is currently on the cutting edge of world innovation to households all across New Zealand.


SleepPhones are innovative, lightweight and washable, the wicking fleece headband contains thin removable speakers and plugs into most audio devices. Regular headphones and earbuds are simply not comfortable to wear all night long. SleepPhones don't fall off and are the most comfortable headphones for sleeping. 


The new patented Speaker technology involved in SleepPhones is one of a kind. These speakers are incredibly thin and almost unnoticeable when lying in bed wearing the product. This means no more sore ear's from painful earbuds, and the ability to fall asleep whilst still wearing the headphones. 

Music and Media

In these modern times the internet has become a huge influence within all peoples lives. Media is now often streamed of portable media devices, laptops and phones instead of sitting down to watch a television. SleepPhones provides a comfortable access to having sound while watching music/media in bed at night. Whether it be watching your favourite Tv series or listening to your favourite music this is the best product for the job.

Health Benefits 

There are many health benifits included with the use of sleepphones. Insomniac's are now able to listen to sleep tracks such as the binomial beats available for free download from our website in order to get to sleep with ease. Couples/ individuals who suffer from snoring can wear these and listen to tracks in order to better their situation. Those that like to meditate/ listen to life coaching tracks to relax are also highly benefited by the use of this product. 

Black headband made from soft fleece.
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