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"I wanted to give a huge thank you to SleepPhones. I received my wireless SleepPhones, in time for surgery. I suffer from PTSD and panic attacks, this amazing device allowed me to sleep calmly days before surgery, without the need for heavy medications! I believe my healing process is aided by better sleep, emotional rest and overall mental health due to your product. Pajamas for your ears - better yet, the healthiest pair of Pajamas I've ever owned!"- S. Thompson
"First, I want to say how much I have enjoyed your product. I listen to my Zune hours at a time and the ear plugs were just bothersome and painful (I'm a side sleeper). So, outstanding product, love it."- Anonymous
"I've tried for years to find heaphones or earbuds that I can lay on my side and sleep comfortably with. All others hurt the inside of my ears and made it impossible to sleep. Until I found SleepPhones-Pajamas for your Ears ... these completely revolutionized my sleep. I can now turn on binaural beats along with the white noise, and I'm asleep in minutes. I don't know what I'd do without them! Now i need my sister to try them."- Krista E.
"I have to tell you - your product really is a lifesaver. I recently traveled with my mother who snores quite dramatically, and it was only through the use of both earplugs and SleepPhones that I got any sleep at all that week! The earplugs alone would not have been enough. The whole trip would have been a sleep-deprived blur if it wasn't for the SleepPhones. So kudos on a really great product!"- Pam A.
"This is a life saving product! I was at the end of my rope with my husbands snoring and such a lack of sleep from constantly being awakened by the loud snoring. I read about your product in a magazine article. I have enjoyed my SleepPhones every night since receiving them. I also have a condition of ringing in my ears; this product hooked up to a white noise app on my phone completely helped me to relax the minute I hooked it up. The Bluetooth is so worth it too; no cords. Thank you from a very satisfied customer!"- Phyllis
"Very comfortable, makes me sleepy straight away, even before I have plugged in my MP3 player! Very nice snug fit that is perfect for lying in bed, even when rolling around! How have SleepPhones helped you or your loved one? It is extremely easy to pack in a bag, great for travelling to minimise the effects of unwanted noise on planes, trains, buses (just be careful not to miss your stop!). My brother got a pair for Christmas after hearing how much I loved it, and he loves it too. It allows him to have the best naps before he starts work, as he works in a bar and is often up very late. How have SleepPhones helped you to fall asleep? I used to use Bose OE2i headphones to bed, which was a very bad idea. As much as I love my bose headphones, they are very fragile and cannot take rolling around in bed. When I fall asleep they normally fall off my head and I tend to squash them while asleep. The SleepPhones are so great because if they do fall off my head, it is okay, because the headband is durable and can survive me rolling over them. If it stays on my head it is still totally comfortable and I don't wake up from having plastic bits jabbing the side of my head. The sound quality is not as good as the bose, but the physical comfort well surpasses the bose and is therefore my chosen headphones for sleep. I use SleepPhones with ASMR (GentleWhispering, OneLilium, MassageASMR etc.) videos as well as the free MP3 tracks provided online"- Charlie

"More comfortable than I expected. Audio quality is excellent. I have always had difficulty in falling and staying asleep. I've been on sleep meds for over 18 years. The meds work but it is often a struggle to get going the next morning. Lately, I've been concerned about taking meds for so many years and started using regular headphones to help me sleep without taking any pills. They were so uncomfortable. I found SleepPhones on an internet search and purchased immediately. Because SleepPhones are so comfortable, I am not even aware that I am wearing them. They are more comfortable than I expected. The audio quality is excellent. I can truly relax and enjoy my audiobooks without any distractions. It's the adult version of being read a bedtime story. It works! I no longer take sleep aids - what a relief!"- Lee W.
"I do love SleepPhones because they are very comfortable, and I can't seem to empty my ever-moving brain without some assistance. I listen to a familiar book on my iPod, this is very soothing."- Sara
"I can fall asleep and if i wake up I can fall asleep again. I love my new wireless sleepPhones and of course my sheep i purchased with my original sleepPhones. Thanks so much for the wireless set...it makes a big difference not having to fight with the wire. LOVE them. My husband can sleep while i listen to my sleep sounds"- Kris
"These headphones have been my salvation for two reasons. First, I use them to listen to guided meditations on both my phone and computer. I use these meditations as part of a pain management program. I have a genetic disorder that is painful and debilitating. Every tool in my tool kit is valuable and essential. These headphones provide a comfort I have not enjoyed previously. The second reason these headphones have helped me is that my sleep is disrupted by pain; I wake frequently and I sleepwalk. If I go to sleep wearing these, they provide me the comfort of my own world - whether it is music, a show or movie, or a meditation. In all likelihood, I will awake in a couple of hours. I just turn my music or meditation on and I often able to drift off to sleep without sleepwalking. I am able to avoid the use of prescription sleep aids by using this technique. Finally, I find that the nights that I wear these headphones, I stay in bed. SleepPhones, quite literally, contribute to the quality of my life. By helping improve my sleep, I can manage pain better. I am more tolerant during the day. This makes everyone happier. Also, when I wear them, my sleepwalking is curtailed. I have had numerous injuries due to sleepwalking. It could be well be argued that Sleepphones improve my safety."- Dawn


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